erin hohlfelder.

比尔&Melinda Gates基金会的高级方案官员


Erin Hohlfelder是票据和Melinda Gates基金会的高级计划官。在这一角色中,她帮助建立了基金会的首次性别平等宣传和通信战略,并管理了全球赠款组合的制定和实施,以推动违反此战略的进展。

在加入基金会之前,Erin在一个广告系列中花了六年,在那里她曾担任全球卫生的政策总监,并跨越一个全球市场的卫生研究和政策分析。  In this work, she focused primarily on infectious diseases, maternal and child health, and health financing mechanisms; she also led ONE’s response to the 2014 Ebola outbreak. Before joining ONE, she worked as the Policy Associate for the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases at the Sabin Vaccine Institute, where she developed grassroots and donor advocacy strategies, scaled up the organization's online communications, and cultivated new partnerships. Erin has also spent time living in Kenya, where she conducted research on integrated care models for female orphans. Erin is a summa cum laude George Washington University graduate.